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    customer service

    Baozun customer service distinguishes itself from traditional customer service concepts such as customer care, after-sales service and call centers. Baozun Customer Service provides new-generation integrated customer service capabilities for e-commerce businesses. In addition to satisfying customer consultation, after-sales service requirements and complaints processing in the general sense, today’s customer service is fully integrated into the entire consumer journey and engages with the customer at every step. These features empower brands for direct consumer facing from customer service perspective.

  • More than 1000 customer service staff

    Serve platforms including Tmall, JD.com, and online malls


    Beijing. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan


    Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English

  • Service scope & Management mechanism

    Dedicated customer service

    Dedicated customer service

    Baozun has set up a dedicated customer service team for each brand to serve their official website malls and platform online stores (such as Tmall, JD.com, WeChat). This ensures that the service team has specific knowledge about the attributes of each brand, as well as the product characteristics and related processes. This safeguards the consumer experience, effectively conveys the brand message, and protects and promotes the brand image. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Shopping communication guide.
  • Timely information and consultation.
  • Collaborative order tracking.
  • One-stop after-sales support.
  • Unified management system

    Unified management system

    Baozun exercises centralized management over its respective customer service teams. This makes customer service management more simple, fair and effective, thus optimizing the overall online operation. We do this through:

  • Systematic performance management
  • Standardized and professional training.
  • Service quality tracking and monitoring.
  • Upgraded customer complaints management.
  • Core competitiveness

    Our continual investment in technology allows for a more scientific and technologically advanced method of customer service. By leveraging data and experience amassed over the years, coupled with technology and innovation, Baozun consistently gives improves consumer experience in new and innovative ways.

  • CRM & CEM data analysis

    Through Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we collect and manage consumer feedback to improve customer service automation and streamline internal processes.

    Through the introduction of the Customer Experience Management (CEM), as well as intelligent summary and analysis of consumer feedback, we provide more targeted advice and solutions to brands and consumers.

  • VOC-Voice of consumer

    With the artificial intelligence technology BRAIN, Baozun VOC categorizes and emotionally analyzes the “voices” of customers in real time with more than 85% accuracy and effectively deals with millions of comments per day.

    VOC dramatically enhances the quality of products and services by supporting real-time supervision of public opinion and the needs of large businesses. We also helping brands fully understand their industries and thus allow for market development in a timely manner.

  • Featured tools

    With the constant improvement of ERP and the rapid development of AI technology, Baozun has significantly improved the level of automation, communication efficiency and inquiry-to-sales conversion rate through customized professional training supported by tools and data.

  • Automated effect-raising assistant for companies.

  • Intelligent manager for e-commerce clients.

  • Excellent Cases

    The Baozun customer service team has a extensive managing and operating experience in both brand satisfaction and sales performance increasing.

    Unified management case of Philips

    Successfully increased brand preference and sales performance


  • Philips has one Tmall flagship store and over 20 distributors.
  • Challenges

  • With plenty of distributors, Philips needed an unified management system to improve the service competitiveness of their customer service team.
  • Solutions

  • We established and improved three key services:
  • humanization (communicate by standing in customers’ position);
  • professionalism (give professional advice through systematic training); and
  • tools (use intelligent tools to achieve timely responses).
  • Final results

  • We helped the Philips official flagship store win the title of “King Shop” of the year 2017 on the important 11/11;
  • The customer service conversion rate in 2017 increased 30% over last year; and
  • The proportion of their customer service sales was 50% higher than last year;
  • The case of dedicated customer service for NIKE

    Help the brand with all-round improvement of sales and customer satisfaction


  • The Nike T-mall official flagship store is one of the fastest growing Nike online store in the world, and has been well received by consumers.
  • Challenges

  • The transaction volume reached its yearly peak, staff and services faced overwhelming pressure.
  • Effective teamwork was difficult.
  • Solutions

  • With the Smart Robot covering 73% of the workload, we completed 2.1 million online consultations in total;
  • With precise onsite management, contingency plans and special group establishment for after-sales service in warehouses, we improved the efficiency of processing difficult parcels.
  • Final results

  • The Baozun operation system, with its high levels of integration and collaboration, increased sales and overall customer satisfaction for Nike.
  • Through complete and precise process design and customer service team management, the flagship store achieved leading after-sales processing efficiency. This was shown by a letter of acknowledgement issued by the chief customer experience officer of Alibaba; and won the award of Ultimate Experience Store for the year 2017. The Nike flagship store became the first clothing-category store on T-mall to hit a sales record, breaking 1 billion RMB in one day on 11/11/17.