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  • A team of international A-players, we lead the Baozun way of innovation, and openness.

  • Serve the global brand owners and achieve multilingual, globalized, full-channel and optimal e-commerce independent operation. We create a cloud computing platform to standardize data and services so as to lay a solid foundation for the cloud ecosystem platform.

  • We achieve strategic allocation of general cloud computing, e-commerce cloud ecosystem, Baozun Brain and Data Toro, and makes unremitting efforts to realize the vision of Baozun e-commerce innovation.


  • We invite scientists from world-renowned universities and research institutes to lead and develop innovation plans for enterprises; aiming to establish the best practice in utilizing the best academic research results in resolving the most realistic problems in the industries.

  • Replace the program-oriented mindset by the product-centered thinking, and implement the product-oriented ideas to every aspect of innovation and every participant.

  • The cutting-edge cloud computing platform supports the cloud ecosystem platform with Baozun’s many years of experience in e-commerce operation.

  • The standardized data creates standard products, so that Baozun has standardized science and technology service capabilities.


  • SaaS-based e-commerce computing platform

    Standardized service and data interfaces

    E-commerce services as a platform

  • E-Commerce as a Service (ECAAS)

    Fully scalable and size agnostic

    Tailor-made specifications and optimized process

    Optimize budget and improve competence

  • Solve e-commerce problems with the help of AI technology

    Identify the content of a picture or video based on the big data and deep learning; applied it to goods identification, recommendation, and trend analysis

    Structure a knowledge graph that describes the relationship between different products and the relationship between products and customers as a means of exploring potential business opportunities

  • Provide data products and analysis service based on our core technologies

    AI decision-making

    Cooperate with top universities in China and other countries to develop smart tools

    Aim for higher business efficiency, larger scope of business and better customer experience


  • Collecting data by means of technology

    Obtaining valuable conclusions through image recognition and in-depth study

    Offering scientific supports to brand commercial operations

  • Setting up labs by joint efforts

    Applying research to daily business operations

    In-depth pioneering and adopting into first-class brands